At What Stage of Construction is it better to Buy Property?

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the need to purchase their own real estate in the form of a condo. However, any purchase of a condominium is an extremely responsible and serious step, which should be approached very carefully. To evaluate the residence options offered by Far East Organization, it is best to visit website. You will get all the necessary information regarding upcoming residential complex, Amber Sea.

Apartments at the initial stage of construction

Any professional developer who is engaged in the design and construction of multi-storey residential buildings offers a program for buying an apartment even at the stage of digging a foundation pit. Thus, the company can raise funds for the implementation of its project, and the buyer, an individual, can buy the property at a better price. This decision is supported by the following advantages that the future owner of the apartment receives:

  • Buying an apartment at a price that is 27-45% lower than the cost of finished housing.
  • The ability to choose the desired layout of the apartment, floor and even the view from the window of the future apartment.
  • The availability of a preferential mortgage program, which makes the deal even more profitable and affordable for many buyers.

By the way, buying a condominium in a new building at the initial stage of construction is a profitable investment, since after the delivery of housing, the price of an apartment increases significantly. Accordingly, the buyer of the condo can not only save, but also increase his capital, which is a significant plus.

Among the disadvantages of such a transaction, one can single out a high level of risks due, on the one hand, to the level of reliability of the company, and, on the other hand, to a difficult forecast regarding the economic situation in the country, which may negatively affect the real estate market.

Apartment in a rented house

Often people buy an apartment in a new building, which has already been commissioned, which allows them to immediately become the owner of the finished property. This is quite convenient, since the owners can immediately start finishing work, after which they can move to live, getting rid of the need to rent housing, spending part of their budget on it.

The advantages of buying a finished home include the following:

  • The ability to immediately move to the apartment.
  • Actual assessment of the courtyard area and the level of improvement of the property.
  • No need to wait 2-3 years for the house to be fully built.

Of course, the price of a rented apartment will be higher than that which is bought at the stage of the excavation, however, the risks in this case will also be much lower, since people buy a ready-made object.


As you can see, the acquisition of a real estate object has its pros and cons (risks) at each stage of the purchase. Before making a final decision, a person must necessarily weigh all the pros and cons, and then carefully analyse the available offers on the market. You should always buy housing from a company that has managed to positively recommend itself, so before the transaction it will be useful to first read the reviews and check if all the necessary permits and licenses for the official activities of the organization are in place.

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