Smart Office: Technology is Reinventing the Workspace

For 56% of companies, digital transformation is a real opportunity. Indeed, according to a study, nearly 93% of millennials do not want to work in a traditional office, that is to say a closed office for one person.

This implies that companies must modernize and digitize their premises if they wish to attract future generations, knowing that the workspace accounts for 40% in the choice of the employer.

The objective of the smart access management is not to replace humans but to simplify certain tasks for them and to save employees precious time in their workplace.

  1. The Workspace must be Reinvented

Employees are no longer satisfied with just a closed office dedicated to everyone. The space must be flexible as desired, secure, and functional so that everyone feels comfortable in their workspace.

Access must be dematerialized in order to simplify the management of visitors, permanent members of the space and new arrivals.

Each space must have a single use, depending on individual or collective needs. Everyone must be able to find the space dedicated to their immediate needs (meeting, individual office, relaxation area, etc.).

In the smart office, the spaces are arranged in such a way as to be able to reconcile individual well-being and work.

Thus, it is no longer a question of having an enclosed office space, a fixed meeting room and a canteen for lunch only, but of being able to modulate the space in order to create one of the three at ease in the premises.

The objective of the smart office is to facilitate the daily life of employees, to maintain and improve their well-being as well as their productivity at work.

In a digital office, an employee can enter the premisewith smart access management, in particular via his smartphone (no more long waits at reception to regain his access), choose to work in a quiet, isolated place or in an open office where it is easier. To exchange with colleagues, reserve a free meeting room quickly and keep informed on time of the time elapsed in the meeting room (no more external interruptions in the middle of a meeting, etc.).

With the digitization of workspaces, premises management is more dynamic and easier for managers. Employees then find their daily lives facilitated by the capacity of the spaces to adapt to their immediate needs. In addition, most daily tasks are done more quickly thanks to connected objects, the Internet of Things.

  • IoT at the Centre of the Smart Office

From now on, it is possible to obtain any desired information on the premises of the company and this thanks to the Internet of Things (Internet of Things). The IoT corresponds to the communication between physical objects and the Internet, ie their digital existence.

Thus, it is possible to determine the occupancy rate of a room and to act according to the results obtained (reduce the space or enlarge it), to know the characteristics of a room at the energy level in order to control the building’s energy expenditure in response to climate issues, to know its position within the building and to find one’s way via a map on a smartphone. The list does not stop there, the IoT is full of resources and each connected object can be adapted to the company, to the premises or to each employee according to their needs.

The new offices are full of connected objects

Welcomr as a smart office player

The smart office is gaining momentum in the business world and increasingly requires physical security, but also and above all digital security.
Indeed, in offices where there is a lot of movement of entry and exit, it is difficult to be able to meticulously control each individual entering or leaving and the security of the building remains essential.

Open a door with your smartphone and the Welcomr app

Welcomr supports you in this process by offering you the security you need, the means of access best suited to your needs (smartphone but also badge, PIN code or even QR code) and a fast welcome for newcomers and visitors, all this with ease…

For more information on how we can support you in this process of digitizing your company, visit the Welcomr website , management of essential access control for the smart office . 

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