Smart Office: Technology is Reinventing the Workspace

For 56% of companies, digital transformation is a real opportunity. Indeed, according to a study, nearly 93% of millennials do not want to work in a traditional office, that is to say a closed office for one person.

This implies that companies must modernize and digitize their premises if they wish to attract future generations, knowing that the workspace accounts for 40% in the choice of the employer.

The objective of the smart access management is not to replace humans but to simplify certain tasks for them and to save employees precious time in their workplace.

  1. The Workspace must be Reinvented

Employees are no longer satisfied with just a closed office dedicated to everyone. The space must be flexible as desired, secure, and functional so that everyone feels comfortable in their workspace.

Access must be dematerialized in order to simplify the management of visitors, permanent members of the space and new arrivals.

Each space must have a single use, depending on individual or collective needs. Everyone must be able to find the space dedicated to their immediate needs (meeting, individual office, relaxation area, etc.).

In the smart office, the spaces are arranged in such a way as to be able to reconcile individual well-being and work.

Thus, it is no longer a question of having an enclosed office space, a fixed meeting room and a canteen for lunch only, but of being able to modulate the space in order to create one of the three at ease in the premises.

The objective of the smart office is to facilitate the daily life of employees, to maintain and improve their well-being as well as their productivity at work.

In a digital office, an employee can enter the premisewith smart access management, in particular via his smartphone (no more long waits at reception to regain his access), choose to work in a quiet, isolated place or in an open office where it is easier. To exchange with colleagues, reserve a free meeting room quickly and keep informed on time of the time elapsed in the meeting room (no more external interruptions in the middle of a meeting, etc.).

With the digitization of workspaces, premises management is more dynamic and easier for managers. Employees then find their daily lives facilitated by the capacity of the spaces to adapt to their immediate needs. In addition, most daily tasks are done more quickly thanks to connected objects, the Internet of Things.

  • IoT at the Centre of the Smart Office

From now on, it is possible to obtain any desired information on the premises of the company and this thanks to the Internet of Things (Internet of Things). The IoT corresponds to the communication between physical objects and the Internet, ie their digital existence.

Thus, it is possible to determine the occupancy rate of a room and to act according to the results obtained (reduce the space or enlarge it), to know the characteristics of a room at the energy level in order to control the building’s energy expenditure in response to climate issues, to know its position within the building and to find one’s way via a map on a smartphone. The list does not stop there, the IoT is full of resources and each connected object can be adapted to the company, to the premises or to each employee according to their needs.

The new offices are full of connected objects

Welcomr as a smart office player

The smart office is gaining momentum in the business world and increasingly requires physical security, but also and above all digital security.
Indeed, in offices where there is a lot of movement of entry and exit, it is difficult to be able to meticulously control each individual entering or leaving and the security of the building remains essential.

Open a door with your smartphone and the Welcomr app

Welcomr supports you in this process by offering you the security you need, the means of access best suited to your needs (smartphone but also badge, PIN code or even QR code) and a fast welcome for newcomers and visitors, all this with ease…

For more information on how we can support you in this process of digitizing your company, visit the Welcomr website , management of essential access control for the smart office . 

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Six Things to Consider Before Deciding to Own a Home

Homeownership has the potential to be a wonderful experience or a bad experience, depending on a variety of factors. You must examine six important and personal considerations while deciding to get a house. 

Personal comfort zone 

For most people, their house is the biggest financial asset value. Of course, one collects his life savings to buy a single dream house. 

However to proceed wisely, one should consider your individual, personal needs, and comfort zone. You will not enjoy the search and even the living if you will not get personal comfort in your home. 

When it comes to comfort, The Commodore condo of district 27, offers the most comfortable and elegant divisions that too with all the latest technologies. Residents can choose up to 5 bedroom units and the whole building is consists of cumulative 219 units. 

Check the whole review at

Have a look at different parameters and decide it your own! 

Financial reservoir 

With an increase in the process of real estate, you must walk at a fast pace accordingly. 

You should have one or more financial aids to commence and subsidize in your home. Due to the increase in population and decrease in the total and area, there has been a drastic increase in the land as well as residential units. So, it’s better to be prepared for the financial aspect of your journey. 

Moreover, after you purchase, you must consider the upkeep costs and cost of restorations, renovation, and several unanticipated expenses. 

Credit rating 

It’s advised to improve your credit rating. Either do so or have professional assistance. It’s really important to know that whether you are eligible to qualify for a mortgage and if so, then at what cost? 

Plans and priorities 

Your decisions should be a frame of your priorities and needs. It’s going to be your lifetime companion, so better plan every step and maintain your prerogatives clear. 


Consider wisely and thoroughly that where you want you live and the reasons for being there. What all do you seek in a neighborhood, area, region, and specific home? 

Think about it though because you will be able to make cosmetic changes any time after the purchase. But you will never be able to change the location of your house. Most of the time you choose or live in a country which is vastly developing and the few areas are the first ones to get the attraction of all.

For instance, the prime district 9 of Singapore. There, the most awaiting residential infrastructure, The Avenir – new Singapore condominium is just about to open its door for its future residents. And it ensures an easy and less congested area for traveling. This condo is a short driving way to three of the major expressways here- 

  • Central Expressway (CTE) 
  • Marina coastal expressway (MCP) 
  • After Rajah Expressway (AYE) 

When you weigh these factors in a personal way, you will position yourself most    wisely. 

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At What Stage of Construction is it better to Buy Property?

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the need to purchase their own real estate in the form of a condo. However, any purchase of a condominium is an extremely responsible and serious step, which should be approached very carefully. To evaluate the residence options offered by Far East Organization, it is best to visit website. You will get all the necessary information regarding upcoming residential complex, Amber Sea.

Apartments at the initial stage of construction

Any professional developer who is engaged in the design and construction of multi-storey residential buildings offers a program for buying an apartment even at the stage of digging a foundation pit. Thus, the company can raise funds for the implementation of its project, and the buyer, an individual, can buy the property at a better price. This decision is supported by the following advantages that the future owner of the apartment receives:

  • Buying an apartment at a price that is 27-45% lower than the cost of finished housing.
  • The ability to choose the desired layout of the apartment, floor and even the view from the window of the future apartment.
  • The availability of a preferential mortgage program, which makes the deal even more profitable and affordable for many buyers.

By the way, buying a condominium in a new building at the initial stage of construction is a profitable investment, since after the delivery of housing, the price of an apartment increases significantly. Accordingly, the buyer of the condo can not only save, but also increase his capital, which is a significant plus.

Among the disadvantages of such a transaction, one can single out a high level of risks due, on the one hand, to the level of reliability of the company, and, on the other hand, to a difficult forecast regarding the economic situation in the country, which may negatively affect the real estate market.

Apartment in a rented house

Often people buy an apartment in a new building, which has already been commissioned, which allows them to immediately become the owner of the finished property. This is quite convenient, since the owners can immediately start finishing work, after which they can move to live, getting rid of the need to rent housing, spending part of their budget on it.

The advantages of buying a finished home include the following:

  • The ability to immediately move to the apartment.
  • Actual assessment of the courtyard area and the level of improvement of the property.
  • No need to wait 2-3 years for the house to be fully built.

Of course, the price of a rented apartment will be higher than that which is bought at the stage of the excavation, however, the risks in this case will also be much lower, since people buy a ready-made object.


As you can see, the acquisition of a real estate object has its pros and cons (risks) at each stage of the purchase. Before making a final decision, a person must necessarily weigh all the pros and cons, and then carefully analyse the available offers on the market. You should always buy housing from a company that has managed to positively recommend itself, so before the transaction it will be useful to first read the reviews and check if all the necessary permits and licenses for the official activities of the organization are in place.

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Which apartments are better for Living- The first or Last floor?

In the real estate market, housing on the first and last floor is classified as outsiders. People are reluctant to make deals to buy such apartments because they are biased against them.

In this article, objectively analyse the pros and cons of each type of housing. So, it will be easier to make the final choice of real estate to buy.

The pros of a ground-floor apartment:

  • Lower price – regardless of the city, such apartments cost 10-15% less options in the middle of the house. This is ideal for people on a tight budget or visitors.
  • No dependence on the elevator – homeowners on the ground floor do not suffer when the elevator is disabled or getting repaired.
  • Convenient for the elderly and children – pensioners will not be forced to rest on every floor, and mothers with babies will be able to carry prams, bicycles or shopping bags.
  • You cannot flood the neighbours – under you no one lives, so the breakout of the washing machine, pipes in the bathroom or other force majeure will not cause the repair of the neighbour’s apartment.
  • There are no complaints about noise – your children and animals can run around the clock around the apartment, and no one will be annoyed with you because of this.
  • Savings on loaders – skidding of large household appliances, building materials and furniture on the first floors is completely free. And when ordering a similar service for the last floor have to pay significantly extra.

If you are looking forward to buy your dream home, read more on Canninghill Piers or make an appointment with the developers of Canninghill Piers to clear all your doubts regarding services and amenities offered by their complex residential area.

What is important to consider when buying such a home:

  • Whether there are shops, bank branches or supermarkets nearby;
  • To preserve privacy, choose such houses, where there is a basement or an elevation of 0.5-1 m; and to have more information about it, read more on Canninghill Piers website.
  • To prevent the floors from being cold, choose accommodation closer to the middle of the house.

Pros and cons of real estate on the top floor Pros:

  • Beautiful view from the window – from the upper floors you can see the surroundings better, so you can enjoy the lights of the big city or the green spaces nearby.
  • Reduced cost – due to lower demand, the prices of apartments of such a plan are reduced by an average of 10-15%.
  • Always light – other buildings and trees do not cover the sun and the room is easily filled with natural light.
  • Clean air – exhaust fumes from vehicles do not rise above 4 floors; From above, no one makes any noise – because you have no people above you, the neighbouring children and pets will not disturb the peace in the morning, on weekends and holidays.

What is important to consider when buying such a home:

  • Choose a property where there is a technical floor or regularly carry out roof repairs.
  • Ask your neighbours how often the elevator breaks.
  • Choose housing on the east side, so that in the summer it was not hot and in winter the building is normally warmed up.

As you can see, the main advantage of apartments on the first and last floors is the economy. If the family budget is limited, and you cannot do without your own housing- this is a great opportunity to buy a property by contacting developers of Canninghill Piers.

The main thing is to choose one from the two options listed, which seems more appropriate and in your opinion has fewer flaws. And everything else can be easily eliminated with competent communication maintenance or timely repairs.

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Enjoy the iPhone Buyback Policy in Singapore

You have the assured buy back phone policies in Singapore. As part of the buyback plan you are assured the buyback value for the phone that you buy. The original pack of the phone talks about the assurance and accordingly you can swell the phone back when things are not working right.

With the available option of iphone buyback in Singapore available here you can surely get the best out of the deal in time. The exact plan will protect the exact value of the device with the perfection in package. The device is protected against the market fluctuations and the plan will also assure the buyback cost of the perfect device in time.

The Assured Buyback Plan

With the option of iphone buyback in Singapore available here, you have the scope of the value being redeemed against the purchasing of the new device at the respective branded retail store.The option under the specific plan will start being effective from three months and continue till twenty four months from the date when the device was purchased.

It is the assured purchasing plan and in Singapore it is only available in case of iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XR models in specific.

Working of the Plan

To get the better out of the plan you should buy from the store where the plan is highly applicable. On the completion of buying the device the customer at the brand retail store should be registering the device on the Servify Portal or the Application Portal within the seven days of purchasing the iPhone in time. However, in the case it is necessary to follow the steps correctly as properly explained at the portal.

After the process of successful registration on the portal the plan gets activated within one business day. However, things are subjected to eligibility checks as deemed fit by the Servify.

Reasons for iPhone Repairing

In time when things are adverse you can feel the perfect necessity of Mobile for Sale offers iphone repair. In most cases, the iPhones are expensive devices which are widely used by people from all parts of the world for the reason of communication and the gizmo offers the array of features which can help simply life in the best way.

It can be the smart phone from a renowned company. Still there are chances for the smart phone to come with ill effects that needs repairing and replacement in time.

Meeting the Right Technical Expert

Once you find that the iPhone you have has damages or when you can see the sudden crack, you can seek for Mobile for Sale offers iphone repair. Now it is time to take help of the expert in terms of iPhone repairing and the person can easily fix things at the best of pace. If you have unclear ideas regarding the various iPhone technicalities, it is right to take help of an expert in the field. Now there are lesser risks in the servicing of the iPhone in time. Your gizmo is safe and you are open to enjoy the set of advantages when approaching the expert in the field.

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An insight into the role of student guardian

Singapore is a country which has quality education and one of the best education systems in the world. This is also a safe country for children. Due to this, a number of parents from across the globe prefer to send their children to Singapore for education.

We all know that a child will need his parents at every stage. Now when the child will enrol in a school in Singapore then who will take care of all these needs in the absence of the parents? This is where a student guardian comes into the picture.

Who is a student guardian?

You can call him a parent in the absence of the original parents of the child. He or she will have to carry out all the functions of parents in the absence of the parents. Many schools in Singapore have made it mandatory to have student guardians for international students who are less than 18 years of age and are living in Singapore without their parents.

What does a student guardian do?

You need to understand here that Student Guardianship is a huge responsibility. The guardian is going to be the parent of the child in Singapore. He or she will have to take care of all the administrative responsibilities of the school. This includes attending parent-teacher meetings, helping the child with studies and school projects etc. But the responsibility of the student guardian does not end here. He is the emotional support of the child in Singapore. He has to take care of all the needs of the child. He will also bear the responsibility to take the child to a doctor if health issues arise at odd hours of the night. The guardian also needs to share with the parents every minute details about the child.

So who can be a student guardian?

The guardian will be appointed by the parents. The person needs to be above 21 years of age. Some schools insist that the student guardian has to be above the age of 25 years. The person needs to be a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident of Singapore. A parent or adult family member of the child who is staying or working in Singapore is also eligible to become a guardian.

Explore the homestay option to find a guardian

There are chances that the parents will not know anyone in Singapore whom they can nominate as the guardian. Then the best way to find a trusted guardian is to check with a reputed homestay where your child will be staying. These homestays will act as a point of contact between the parents and school. They will take care of all the minor and major needs of the child. They will be the strong support that every child needs in the growing years.

If you have plans to send your child to Singapore for education then make sure that you give the responsibility of the guardianship of the child to a trustworthy person.

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Conversion of A Business into Pte Ltd Company & Strike-off Company in Singapore

The business world is undergoing a dramatic transformation with a lot of changes occurring in the business scenario. Modern businesses are no more like a traditional family-owned business because corporatization is replacing the family-owned business concept.

Traces of ancestral inheritance can still be found in the corporate business, but it’s not like that in the past as modern businesses have more professional tinge.

The trend of Timcole company incorporation Singapore has lured many traditional-way businesses to make a transition to the corporate world. This transition offers legal status to the business, and business can derive certain benefits that are not otherwise available.

Benefits for a business to become a Pte Ltd company

It would be a better move to covert sole proprietorship or partnership firm into a Private Limited company (Pte Ltd Company) due to the advantages of this conversion.

  • This offers a new sophisticated status to the business that helps it to grow faster.
  • A company has the availability of more funding option compared to that available to a non-corporate business.
  • A company gets legal protection to its assets and better option to manage liabilities with lower risk.
  • A business also enjoys corporate tax incentives.
  • People keep more faith in corporate businesses and it, therefore, becomes easier for a company to attract investors.
  • Qualified and experienced professionals usually look for jobs in the corporate sector. A company, therefore, has a better chance to recruit quality talent.

Besides the above advantages, the company may have other advantages by acquiring legal status.

How a business can be converted into a Pte Ltd company

Considering the above benefits, it seems a better idea to covert the existing proprietorship or partnership business into a corporate business, but how to Convert to Pte Ltd Company? Incorporating a Private Limited company is much simpler compared to incorporating a Public limited company; the process is simple, and the formalities are low.

  • The owner (s) of the firm would need to submit ‘No objection’ to indicate their intent to take over of their business by a company.
  • They can then make an application for incorporation of private Limited company, the requirement of which in Singapore would be a Singapore registered office address, one Singapore resident director, at least one shareholder, one company secretary for secretarial compliance, and at least S$1 in initial paid-up share capital.
  • Once the company is incorporated, all business assets will formally be transferred to the newly formed company and the firm will be treated as closed from the date of incorporation of the Private Limited company. The company subscribers will make move within the prescribed time to transfer assets, bank accounts, contracts/service agreements/ leases, and licenses/permits in the name of a company.

Procedure to strike-off the company

A company in Singapore, once incorporated, has perpetual existence, but it can be dissolved, called, strike-off, under certain situations. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) deals in the company matters and the criteria for strike-off have to be checked with them. The company will then make an application for strike-off stating the reason, which will be reviewed by the ACRA and the decision will be made after considering all the factors that allow the company to strike-off.

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Perks of Using Macbook

Perks of Using Macbook

MacBook is a great invention of apple. Regardless of its issues, it provides a better customer experience, with all supportive repair services. MacBook repair Singapore amaze the market through it 100% supportive services.

Here are given some perks about the Macbook that may help you, if you are still in dilemma for buying it.

1. It’s integration with other devices

One of it’s best to part is integration, as you will find comfort while switching from your iPhone to MacBook. There are no sceptikal about its amazing processing. MacBook shows its loyalty when you set reminders and alarms in it. It synced all the important dates across all devices.

2. Simple and sober

Its a saying, beautiful and simple always attracts. Doesn’t matter if it is a device. Siri is the main centre of attraction in Macbook, one can simply ask Siri to start word, Spotify, Xcode anything. With one command you can make them stop because Siri obeys all commend.

3. Great portability and powers

Our digital devices happen to provide good portability and powers. Both things played a role behind the user experience. By the way, Macbook fits in both roles well. its quad-core CPU, and GPU more powerful than other graphics, it provides well-integrated offers.

If we talk about its hardware then its 15 in MBP have thickness around 0.59 in for MBP. These factors show its great portability and power.

4. Operating system

The two most powerful operating system on the earth are window and Macos. Thus both are supported by the Macbooks. Due to MacBook’s optimization, it has marks of good customer experience. On the contrary window 10 has some sort of better difference than Macbook.

5. No viruses attacks

Attacks of virus, this was an important issue for the users but before the arrival of apple.its not like Mac users never get infested with a virus, but some sort of more blissful than the Microsoft users.

6. Build with quality

When we start using a new laptop, you can measure their degrading efficiency day by day. Its well knows the fact that all laptops and technology starts degrading over time. But MacBook never loses its quality over time. You can measure its starting quality and quality after some time.

7. Ensure stability

Macbooks are designed as per the handful work on the systems. Results are provided in the very first search. Its operative system does its up-gradation time to time, you don’t have to spend on this.

8. Repair services

Apple provides well-supported customer services. You can easily visit any nearby store, and get your repair done without any obligations. MacBook and iPad repair Singapore holds its position in the best service centres, but you can try any of the nearby locations.

9. Hand on for its value

No skeptical about its value. No one can ever find a laptop more viable than an apple.


At the end of the day, conclusion remain same no other laptop stand with the same quality and efficiency of the Macbook. No doubt on its work, processing, quality and services like Macbook repair Singapore leaves us speechless.

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Singapore’s Group Practice Areas of Expertise

Essex court chambers Duxton is a renowned Singapore’s Group practice with years of quality service to their clients. The group practice mainly operates on a pure chambers model in Singapore. Advocates here are proficient as they ably offer sound legal advice and take an active role in dispute resolution not just in Singapore but internationally. All their members have a strong reputation for outstanding advocacy and admirable excellence in the provision of client-oriented services.

Some of the group’s areas of expertise include:

Civil Fraud and Asset Tracing

This is one of the areas of expertise of Essex Court Chambers Duxton is widely famed in. This area requires very quick and swift reply as it involves accurate fraud identification and the perpetrators with a sole attempt of reducing to the bare minimum extreme financial as well as legal consequences. As a result, any illegally acquired asset can be ultimately traced and secured even if in multiple diverse jurisdictions.

Banking and Finance services

Essex court chambers Duxton is awash with numerous top-rated advocates with vast knowledge in banking and finance laws needed to represent clients in need of the relevant service. Some of the critical sub-categories of this area include bank securities, debt finance, project finance, tax advisory, structured trade finance, legal advisory, capital raising, capital market, to mention but a few.

Professional Negligence

This area relates with outright disobedience of duty between a professional and their client. This occurs when a professional gets into his or her client’s crosshairs by not living up to the expectation level of their client with reference to constantly maintain a high- quality level of professionalism.

Company and insolvency laws

Advocates at Essex court chambers Duxton are well versed with the corporate insolvency law and the fundamental principle associated with it. More importantly, the lawyers understand the reason why insolvency law opposes to some of the transactions based on an undervalue effect viewpoint.

Public international law

This refers to a legally binding set of rules associated with countries and international organizations concerning how they interact with other countries, entities, individuals as well as international organizations.

The area covers a wide variety of activities like trade, human rights, war conduct, and diplomatic relations. Advocates at the Essex court chambers Duxton fully understand all the dynamics associated with international law, making them the most preferred for services related to the area.

Regulatory laws and investigations

The law is associated with the federal state created process and administrative agencies instead of statutory requirements. Regulations define the relationship in a myriad of critical activities such as license applications and environmental laws overall oversight.

These laws are broad and may include the three central government’s arms like executive, judiciary, and the legislature. With the presence of highly regarded advocates in this field, all client’s worries cease!

Conflict of laws and private international law

Conflict of laws is closely associated with relations in several legal jurisdictions like companies, corporations, individuals, and their outlined legal obligations and where the detailed dispute resolution procedures.

Private international law fully outlines the laws that apply in the event of a conflict involving the dwellers of diverse countries!

There are plenty of other areas of expertise that Essex court chambers. Duxton excels in such as offshore litigation, complex crimes, employment, mediation, commerce dispute resolution, insurance and reinsurance, commercial chancery disputes, etc..

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Protecting the privacy of the people at the weddings

man and woman on white stair standing in the middle of crowd

There are many people who are going to meet only at the time of occasions as such. One such occasion where there are many people who are meeting is the wedding. All the cousins who might not regularly keep in touch but then like each other’s company are going to meet for the wedding and have a blast. At such times, they are going to need something which is going to keep them going. There are people who prefer coffee for such cases but then at occasions like weddings, drinks are going to be more helpful than anything else as such.

However, in a wedding, there are different sets of people. There are elderly people who are going to have their conversation while there are the youngsters who are going to have their own conversation which is going to be totally different from the former. Usually both these conversations are not going to match and the people would want to keep it separate. A mobile bar set up is going to help in such things as such. The elder ones might want to talk about politics, work, the problems that they are facing at work and many such things. While the younger ones would want to talk about their college, friends, life which they might not really want to share with everyone as such.

With the mobile bars, these people can see to it that they are going to have two separate tables and have their conversations. The people need not really go the bar and then talk about all the things. There might be other people at the bar who are going to overhear them which they might not really like They need to protect their privacy but at the same time, the curiosity of the people is going to pose a very big problem as such. Therefore, it best for them to make sure that they are going to have these mobile bars which are going to help them solve and deal with these kind of issues.

Separating the list of items:

Mobile Wedding Bar  has another great advantage as such. There are people who might only want cocktails while there are people who only want drinks. At a bar, there is going to be a confusion because of this. In the mobile bar set up, they can see to it that one has got exclusively cocktails while the other has got exclusively drinks and so on like that. The person can see to it that they are just calling out for something of their choice as such. This is going to be very much convenient rather than being confused at all. This way, there are many advantages which are going to be available. The people should see to it that they are going to try it out and then decide if it is really worth it or not as such.

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