Which apartments are better for Living- The first or Last floor?

In the real estate market, housing on the first and last floor is classified as outsiders. People are reluctant to make deals to buy such apartments because they are biased against them.

In this article, objectively analyse the pros and cons of each type of housing. So, it will be easier to make the final choice of real estate to buy.

The pros of a ground-floor apartment:

  • Lower price – regardless of the city, such apartments cost 10-15% less options in the middle of the house. This is ideal for people on a tight budget or visitors.
  • No dependence on the elevator – homeowners on the ground floor do not suffer when the elevator is disabled or getting repaired.
  • Convenient for the elderly and children – pensioners will not be forced to rest on every floor, and mothers with babies will be able to carry prams, bicycles or shopping bags.
  • You cannot flood the neighbours – under you no one lives, so the breakout of the washing machine, pipes in the bathroom or other force majeure will not cause the repair of the neighbour’s apartment.
  • There are no complaints about noise – your children and animals can run around the clock around the apartment, and no one will be annoyed with you because of this.
  • Savings on loaders – skidding of large household appliances, building materials and furniture on the first floors is completely free. And when ordering a similar service for the last floor have to pay significantly extra.

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What is important to consider when buying such a home:

  • Whether there are shops, bank branches or supermarkets nearby;
  • To preserve privacy, choose such houses, where there is a basement or an elevation of 0.5-1 m; and to have more information about it, read more on Canninghill Piers website.
  • To prevent the floors from being cold, choose accommodation closer to the middle of the house.

Pros and cons of real estate on the top floor Pros:

  • Beautiful view from the window – from the upper floors you can see the surroundings better, so you can enjoy the lights of the big city or the green spaces nearby.
  • Reduced cost – due to lower demand, the prices of apartments of such a plan are reduced by an average of 10-15%.
  • Always light – other buildings and trees do not cover the sun and the room is easily filled with natural light.
  • Clean air – exhaust fumes from vehicles do not rise above 4 floors; From above, no one makes any noise – because you have no people above you, the neighbouring children and pets will not disturb the peace in the morning, on weekends and holidays.

What is important to consider when buying such a home:

  • Choose a property where there is a technical floor or regularly carry out roof repairs.
  • Ask your neighbours how often the elevator breaks.
  • Choose housing on the east side, so that in the summer it was not hot and in winter the building is normally warmed up.

As you can see, the main advantage of apartments on the first and last floors is the economy. If the family budget is limited, and you cannot do without your own housing- this is a great opportunity to buy a property by contacting developers of Canninghill Piers.

The main thing is to choose one from the two options listed, which seems more appropriate and in your opinion has fewer flaws. And everything else can be easily eliminated with competent communication maintenance or timely repairs.

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