Six Things to Consider Before Deciding to Own a Home

Homeownership has the potential to be a wonderful experience or a bad experience, depending on a variety of factors. You must examine six important and personal considerations while deciding to get a house. 

Personal comfort zone 

For most people, their house is the biggest financial asset value. Of course, one collects his life savings to buy a single dream house. 

However to proceed wisely, one should consider your individual, personal needs, and comfort zone. You will not enjoy the search and even the living if you will not get personal comfort in your home. 

When it comes to comfort, The Commodore condo of district 27, offers the most comfortable and elegant divisions that too with all the latest technologies. Residents can choose up to 5 bedroom units and the whole building is consists of cumulative 219 units. 

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Have a look at different parameters and decide it your own! 

Financial reservoir 

With an increase in the process of real estate, you must walk at a fast pace accordingly. 

You should have one or more financial aids to commence and subsidize in your home. Due to the increase in population and decrease in the total and area, there has been a drastic increase in the land as well as residential units. So, it’s better to be prepared for the financial aspect of your journey. 

Moreover, after you purchase, you must consider the upkeep costs and cost of restorations, renovation, and several unanticipated expenses. 

Credit rating 

It’s advised to improve your credit rating. Either do so or have professional assistance. It’s really important to know that whether you are eligible to qualify for a mortgage and if so, then at what cost? 

Plans and priorities 

Your decisions should be a frame of your priorities and needs. It’s going to be your lifetime companion, so better plan every step and maintain your prerogatives clear. 


Consider wisely and thoroughly that where you want you live and the reasons for being there. What all do you seek in a neighborhood, area, region, and specific home? 

Think about it though because you will be able to make cosmetic changes any time after the purchase. But you will never be able to change the location of your house. Most of the time you choose or live in a country which is vastly developing and the few areas are the first ones to get the attraction of all.

For instance, the prime district 9 of Singapore. There, the most awaiting residential infrastructure, The Avenir – new Singapore condominium is just about to open its door for its future residents. And it ensures an easy and less congested area for traveling. This condo is a short driving way to three of the major expressways here- 

  • Central Expressway (CTE) 
  • Marina coastal expressway (MCP) 
  • After Rajah Expressway (AYE) 

When you weigh these factors in a personal way, you will position yourself most    wisely. 

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