Top 5 Best 613 Blonde Wigs in 2019

The color blonde is a fierce hair color that’s always in vogue and many people want to try it. However, a good number of people would rather not color their own hair while others want to explore longer or shorter looks than what their natural hair allows them.

Others still just want to have the look for a particular occasion and get back to their traditional hairdo. In order to do all this, there is a simple solution; Shela hair high density 613 blonde wigs. They are available in different styles and lengths to suit your particular needs.

Let’s present you the top 5 popular┬áblonde wigs in 2019:

Shela hair high-density wigs have the 1b/613 full lace blonde wig that is hand tied with a Swiss lace base material. This wig is very light weighing not more than 320 grams, which can be permed and restyled to suit your taste and preference. This particular wig is unique in its color scheme because it has a black color at the base, color 1b then the rest is all blonde.

This is a straight high-density blonde wig that is hand tied making it super soft, comfortable and breathable. The goodness of a full lace wig is that it allows you to be versatile with the styles. You can pull off a high bun and ponytails with utmost ease. This high-density transparent lace wig is set apart by its transparent lace because it can suit absolutely anyone and you do not need to worry about the contrast of its color against your skin tone.

This is a high-density wig that has kinky curls and is made of raw human hair collection that is made by machine and hand. It bears a Swiss lace and is lightweight at just 300g. The unique point of this wig is the kinky texture which is beautiful, trendy and very attractive. For the individual who would want to steer away from the common straight hair look or curly hair look, this kinky look will be a game changer for you. The lace is only a front lace and you can still style and restyle as you would want to though the high bun and ponytails may not work with this wig.

Shela hair has another twist to the high-density blonde wigs. The 613 blonde deep wave lace front wig is a deep wave textured wig made of raw human hair collect with a Swiss base material. The lace is a frontal one and the wig is versatile and can accommodate perming and restyling to suit your preferences. The waves in this wig are deeply set and very beautifully brought out.This hair wig is high-density and comes in various lengths up to 15 inches flowing all the way down your back.

The Shela hair 613 blonde body wave has a very majestic body wave texture and is wholly hand tied with a high density of between 180 to 200%. The body wave comes with a full lace and has a Swiss base. The whole hand-tied wig is super soft, comfortable and very breathable. The full lace wig is pre-plucked. Since it is hand tied, it is very easy to style allowing you a variety of options including the high bun and even some braids at the front.

These Shela hair wigs are all of the reliable quality and priced very reasonably. Their maintenance is not very tasking; you need to shampoo and condition the wig at least once a week. Olive and argan oil are recommended to be used for this wigs while oils with sulfate components should be avoided. When combing the hair, use a brush with soft bristles and start from the ends all the way up to the roots. That is all you need to do to keep your wig fresh and looking god.

The light blonde color is fierce and bold and every lady should definitely own a blonde high-density wig or two depending on your style preferences. Shela hair has your back and you can always find your unique style when you shop with us because we want you to be exceptionally beautiful.

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