A look at the important algorithm changes by Google in 2019

By using the Google algorithms the crawlers will pick up the most relevant results. To put it in simple words Google algorithms are a set of mathematical instructions which help the bots pick the right results. The algorithms for Google ranking will keep changing hundreds of times in a year. The minor changes will not have much effect but the major ones will surely change the equations for the seo specialist.

Let us have a look at Major Google Algorithm Change History:

The Medic core update:

The impact of this update was felt on the search results of 1st and 2nd August 2018. Several sites were affected but the main brunt was borne by the health and wellness and your money your life that is the YMYL websites. This was a broad core algorithm update. All that the low performing websites could do was create better content. Those websites that recommended decisions to people who relied on them were affected. Along with health and medical verticals websites that gave advice on legal and financial matters, websites that needed personal information or did monetary transactions were also affected.

Mobile speed update:

On 9th July 2018 Google came up with Mobile speed update. According to Google only the slowest websites were affected by this update. It did not affect those websites that had good speed.  The developers had to check the speed performance of the page. Google asked developers to make use of Page Insights, Lighthouse and the chrome user experience report in order to determine the website’s speed performance. In this update Google again emphasised that highly relevant content was still an important factor.

Brackets core updates:

This update was released on 8th March 2018. This update which focused on the quality of the content was an improvement of the Fred update which has been released in March 2017. The ranking of many websites was affected by this update which continued for 2 weeks. The focus of the update was rich snippets. Low quality rich snippets were eliminated by the SERP’s due to this update. The major setback was faced by websites that showed up in snippets in many search results. Finally Google gave the highest priority to a content of high quality that displayed useful information in the rich snippet. Websites that had no relevant content got a lower rating.

Here is what SEO experts need to understand:

The different major updates are introduced by Google not to create tumult but to streamline things for better user experience. It is also one of the ways in which legitimate websites get a boost in their rankings. But yes at times some websites may suffer for no reason.

In case a website gets affected by any such algorithm update then there is nothing to get worried. There is a way out. All that you need to do is consult a good SEO expert who can make the required changes in the website based on the update requirements so that the website can get back the high ranking in the search results.

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