Singapore’s Group Practice Areas of Expertise

Essex court chambers Duxton is a renowned Singapore’s Group practice with years of quality service to their clients. The group practice mainly operates on a pure chambers model in Singapore. Advocates here are proficient as they ably offer sound legal advice and take an active role in dispute resolution not just in Singapore but internationally. All their members have a strong reputation for outstanding advocacy and admirable excellence in the provision of client-oriented services.

Some of the group’s areas of expertise include:

Civil Fraud and Asset Tracing

This is one of the areas of expertise of Essex Court Chambers Duxton is widely famed in. This area requires very quick and swift reply as it involves accurate fraud identification and the perpetrators with a sole attempt of reducing to the bare minimum extreme financial as well as legal consequences. As a result, any illegally acquired asset can be ultimately traced and secured even if in multiple diverse jurisdictions.

Banking and Finance services

Essex court chambers Duxton is awash with numerous top-rated advocates with vast knowledge in banking and finance laws needed to represent clients in need of the relevant service. Some of the critical sub-categories of this area include bank securities, debt finance, project finance, tax advisory, structured trade finance, legal advisory, capital raising, capital market, to mention but a few.

Professional Negligence

This area relates with outright disobedience of duty between a professional and their client. This occurs when a professional gets into his or her client’s crosshairs by not living up to the expectation level of their client with reference to constantly maintain a high- quality level of professionalism.

Company and insolvency laws

Advocates at Essex court chambers Duxton are well versed with the corporate insolvency law and the fundamental principle associated with it. More importantly, the lawyers understand the reason why insolvency law opposes to some of the transactions based on an undervalue effect viewpoint.

Public international law

This refers to a legally binding set of rules associated with countries and international organizations concerning how they interact with other countries, entities, individuals as well as international organizations.

The area covers a wide variety of activities like trade, human rights, war conduct, and diplomatic relations. Advocates at the Essex court chambers Duxton fully understand all the dynamics associated with international law, making them the most preferred for services related to the area.

Regulatory laws and investigations

The law is associated with the federal state created process and administrative agencies instead of statutory requirements. Regulations define the relationship in a myriad of critical activities such as license applications and environmental laws overall oversight.

These laws are broad and may include the three central government’s arms like executive, judiciary, and the legislature. With the presence of highly regarded advocates in this field, all client’s worries cease!

Conflict of laws and private international law

Conflict of laws is closely associated with relations in several legal jurisdictions like companies, corporations, individuals, and their outlined legal obligations and where the detailed dispute resolution procedures.

Private international law fully outlines the laws that apply in the event of a conflict involving the dwellers of diverse countries!

There are plenty of other areas of expertise that Essex court chambers. Duxton excels in such as offshore litigation, complex crimes, employment, mediation, commerce dispute resolution, insurance and reinsurance, commercial chancery disputes, etc..

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