A look at some of the Innovative Technology Trends in Hospitality


The hospitality industry is a very competitive industry. If a hotel wants to get that competitive edge then it is important that it adopts the new technological trends. If the hotel fails to do this then they have to be prepared to face the adverse effects.

Here are some of the Innovative Trends in Hospitality industries which every hotel must try and imbibe at the earliest:

Use of chatbots:

The future guests or repeat guests of the hotel will try to interact with the hotel using different digital channels. Now it can be really difficult to make your staff monitor these channels and revert to the customer queries. With the use of chatbots this problem can be resolved easily. The chatbots will understand simple queries and will provide answers for the same. This, in turn, will reduce the workload of the customer service staff who can focus on other important things.

Use of biometrics and recognition technology:

More and more hotels are making use of Smartphone check-in to hotels. In this case, the guest has to make the bookings and upload the scanned copy of the photo identity of the guest. Now when the guest arrives at the hotel he has to skip the reception desk. He can check into the hotel by simply taking a selfie. The guest can then access the room with the help of the mobile phone. The guest can also make use of other customised features like booking facilities, room service, management of the controls of the room etc. This technology is helping in reducing the documentation process and it is also helping to increase the productivity of the staff of the hotel.

The use of the internet of things:

In this case, internet connectivity is used for controlling everyday object. The concept is used for controlling the light of the rooms. It is also used to control the temperature of the rooms in accordance with the temperature or at the time of check in and check out.

Big Data:

The hotel owners can make use of the data to understand the current trends. It will also help them understand the various aspects that are affecting the hotel business. The data will also be useful to chalk out pricing strategies and in improving the overall business of the hotel.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality:

Hotels are using this technology on their websites so that the customers can get an almost real experience of the rooms. They are also using it to give a virtual experience of the attractions. Similarly, AI also has lots of scope in the hospitality industry and it is also one of the fastest and easiest ways to provide information to the clients.

Those who have businesses related to the hospitality industry must make use of these technological innovations. This will help them give a better experience to the customer and this, in turn, will help in increasing their popularity and will also help them get a better return on investments.

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